Stiles holding hands with Derek, caressing his face and touching his bare back

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I don&#8217;t know if I said thank you for the follow but&#8230;THANK YOU! thesweetdarlingblossom

I don’t know if I said thank you for the follow but…THANK YOU! thesweetdarlingblossom


wait, so if you're the actual official dw tumblr, why are you using words like sadipose? oh my gosh. wait. bbc lets you actually do stuff?? is this like someone on the bbc staff's side blog????? this is weird like i'd always though there was just a machine or queue or something reblogging things in the dw tag sometimes. there's a person. adding gifs to posts and saying things like sadipose. i have had an epiphany. epiphanies aren't good for sick people. oh my gosh.


Hello, Doctor Who Tumblr here.

Yep. We’re here everyday checking the tags, reading your asks & hoping you feel better when you aren’t feeling very well - we hope you do!

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You beautiful weirdos.


Every superhero/hero loves Felicity Smoak.

I need more of all of these!



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“You’re what?” Stiles yells.

Derek jerks the phone away from his ear and waits a few beats before putting it back. “I’m adopting the baby I found on the subway last month,” he repeats.

Words: 7630, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Loved this!

New follower! &lt;3333 All the Olicity love! pinklipstick-and-greenarrows

New follower! <3333 All the Olicity love! pinklipstick-and-greenarrows

It was her first day and his last of their forever. 

In reference to this thing